A 5 minute magical tool for maximum brain activation! (A must read! it definitely works!)


Let’s start with explaining the much talked about Right brain and Left brain.
Say you are organizing your kitchen or office desk which is currently in a mess.

–Your left brain gives you information as to how things were when organised (existing facts with information presented in piecemeal ). The right brain will tell you how else it can be done (presenting new facts while seeing things as a whole).

–The left brain will tell you that the work has to be done in the next 20 minutes (Order, control). The right brain will tell you that the work needs more time then you have now, so may be part of it can be done tomorrow (Free, flow).

–The left brain will quickly count the number of utensils/files which will fit in a given space and would start working on it (Number and analysis).  The right brain will think of how beautifully it can be arranged (Art, aesthetics).

–The left brain will find the most convenient way to organise the space (Practical). The right brain will work out a more creative way to organise the same (imaginative).

So what we understand from above example is that it is necessary to use both hemispheres of the brain to be proficient to the maximum at any task. While the left side of the brain recalls the details, the right side of the brain remembers the gist of an experience or the big picture.  The more we access both hemispheres, the more intelligently we are able to function.

Left brain- heavy- world
Somehow we have ended up working with the left brain or logic brain most of the time as most of the organised learning in school , college and  at work makes us left brain heavy  and thus most of the time we take decisions that are left brain driven.

The magic tool
So what activates both sides of the brain simultaneously ? ‘The magic of movement!’

Yes, Movement is the magical tool.

–Movement like dancing (in which we constantly try to coordinate both sides of the body in different and challenging ways). Other  activities include running, walking, crawling , swimming- as these movements also use both right as well as left sides of the body and hence also activate the cerebrum( left brain, right brain and corpus callosum – the white matter between the right brain and left brain which integrates both sides) to the maximum and integrates them instantly. In fact as we move we also facilitate growth of new nerve cell and activate a part of brain called hippocampus which is responsible for   long term memory.

How the brain functions
Motor control of our body is an important function of the cerebrum . The sensory – motor functions on the right side of the body are controlled by the left hemisphere of the brain and those of the left side of the body are controlled by the right hemisphere. The movements suggested above, work both sides of the body evenly and involve coordinated movement of both eyes, both ears, both hands and feet as these are being used equally.  As a result both hemispheres are activated, cognitive function is heightened and ease of learning, thinking, and analyses  increases. Left brain riight brain motor pic

This tool can be used by all

–A teacher who wants to increase her students’ attention and retention

–At the office, a catalyst when required to come up with prompt creative ideas

–A parent who’s need is to multi task with ease A ‘movement break’ (just like a Kitkat break) could just save your day!

I am not a specialist in brain development or even qualified in this area of expertise. I am, however, a dance educationist who each day thrives to ensure that our dance curriculum is developmentally appropriate and progressive. I am a  dance and movement therapist with a genuine and passionate interest in making a difference in people’s  lives  through movement and dance and have been pursuing this relentlessly over the past five years.

Something  to think about
From the age of 4 ½ to 7 years a child’s right brain hemisphere  begins to develop and enlarge while the logic brain doesn’t enlarge until age 7. Let’s then reflect on our education system which at this age begins with the alphabet and number recognition followed by reading. This might not be a problem if we involve image , emotion and movement but strangely we do the exact opposite!

I am three, I was not built to sit still,
Keep my hands to myself, take turns,
Stand in line, or keep quiet,
all of the time.
I need: motion, novelty, adventure.
Let me play, dance & move around.
Trust me I am learning.

That ends my blog but for those who want more, following is a list of some more facts about the right brain and left brain.( Extract from the book Smart Moves-Carla Hannaford)

Left Brain ( Logic Brain) Right Brain ( Gestalt )
Starts with a piece first Sees whole picture first and then deals with pieces
Parts of language Language comprehension
Syntax, Semantics Image, emotion, meaning
Letters , Sentence Rhythm, Flow, Dialect
Number Image, intuition
Analysis – liners Intuition- estimates
Looks at difference Looks at similarities
Controls feelings Free with feelings
Planned- structured Spontaneous thinking
Sequential thinking Simultaneous- fluid
Language oriented Feelings/ experience oriented
Future – oriented Now oriented
Technique Flow and movement
Sports ( hand-eye ) foot placement Sports ( flow and rhythm)
Art ( media, tool use, how to) Art( image, emotion, flow)
Music ( notes, beat, tempo) Music ( passion, rhythm, image)

So take a ‘movement break’ and watch the magic happen right before your eyes!

Swara Patel
Artistic director & Co- founder
Rhythmus HappyFeet

By swarapatel

Program Director at Agile Kids.
Co-Founder Rhythmus HappyFeet, Bombay Ballet Company, Bloomville Early Learning Centre.
Head of Orchids International Schools Performing Art Division from 2017 - 19 with 35 schools under her purview.
MBA, Dance educationalist, Member of the International Dance Council, Dance Therapist certified BY CDI France and CMTAI, Kinesthetic Teaching Expert & a performing artist.
Trained at Danceworx in Jazz and Ballet.
Was an official contestant in DID super mom (A reality dance show on ZeeTV)

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