Dance Education

Dance Away Your Lockdown Blues

Dancing is the purest form of expressing happiness and celebration.

“Birthday hai toh Dance Karlo, Wedding hai toh dance karlo, Festival hai toh dance karlo,  Lockdown hai toh bhi dance karlo”

 Dancing is a medium of expression and a natural coping mechanism  for our mental well being which dates back to the time when humans lived in nomadic civilizations. Humans first started dancing 5000-9000 years ago even before we started talking. Which is one of the primary reasons that multiple individuals  have embraced it over the course of the lockdown as it helps alleviate their stress, and brings joy.

Dancing away the Lockdown-

We thought of compiling some fun dance videos  recorded to beat the lockdown blues & to inspire all of you to keep dancing as we sail through this tough time .

 In these times a lot of people, dancers and non-dancers  alike have turned to dance. Everyone from families in their homes to doctors, policemen and even medical staff in hospitals have taken up dancing for its immense mental and physical benefits.

This Indian family put together a funny dance act on their favourite song.
Team RHF dancing away their lockdown blues to the hit song- Kudi Nu Nachne De.
Dancers from all around the world coming together and shaking a leg.
School Principal in San Francisco does the ‘Happy Dance’ for his students on Zoom.
Doctors and medical staff doing funny dances and tik-tok dance trends between shifts at hospitals.
Police in Kerala spread the message about Covid precautions through dance.
IIT Students from Mumbai & Madras grooving to their favourite tunes.
This talented family makes an entertaining Covid parody of the hit song Dancing Queen by Abba.

Cooking is not all that happens in this family’s kitchen. Watch how they make a funny dance to one of their favourite songs.
Covid positive patients in a quarantine centre shake a leg.
Watch how this DJ gets creative with his virtual dance party.
Policemen dancing and de-stressing at the end of a day.
This family of non-dancers tries their hand at dancing and record a funny video in their house and have a bunch of fun while they are at it.

We hope this inspires all of you to slip in to your dancing shoes and get the whole family grooving to your favourite beats.

Stay safe, stay happy & keep dancing. 

By swarapatel

Program Director at Agile Kids.
Co-Founder Rhythmus HappyFeet, Bombay Ballet Company, Bloomville Early Learning Centre.
Head of Orchids International Schools Performing Art Division from 2017 - 19 with 35 schools under her purview.
MBA, Dance educationalist, Member of the International Dance Council, Dance Therapist certified BY CDI France and CMTAI, Kinesthetic Teaching Expert & a performing artist.
Trained at Danceworx in Jazz and Ballet.
Was an official contestant in DID super mom (A reality dance show on ZeeTV)

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