Dance Education

The Perfect Dance Class Playlist

Conduct the perfect dance class for 2-6-year-olds by choosing the perfect music.

When conducting dance classes for children, teachers make sure that they cover many aspects like choreography, technique, safety etc. All of which are very important aspects. Yet, there is one secret ingredient that many leave out when creating the environment for their dance class. The secret ingredient is choosing the correct type of music. Using different types of music at different times during a class can elicit high amounts of engagement from the students’ end. This can also help vary the pace of the class and break the monotony.

There are a few different types of music that a teacher must incorporate into their class flows.

  1. Easy to follow action songs– These are songs that have a lot of simple action words or songs where the lyrics suggest the action you have to do.

Examples are:-
Learning station
Patty Shukla

  • Concept Songs– These songs are a beautiful way to bring in kinesthetic learning in a classroom.  A lot of concepts like transport, numbers, occupation, nature can be taught through dance by choosing the songs with appropriate lyrics.

Examples are-
Susan Salidor 
Sesame street
 Preschool learn to dance

  • Instrumental Music– These are songs that are not lyrical. They can therefore be used to make the students more aware of what different beats are and how to count them. Instrumental music is a great tool to incorporate when teaching the concept of musicality and also help them explore freely as they like to music.

Children’s music  

  • Upbeat Songs– These songs are the typical ‘fun’ songs a child would enjoy shaking a leg to. These are great in order to boost morale in the class. The use of such songs also keeps the students’ interest piqued and ensures constant engagement.

Examples are-
Sesame street dance along
Popular Hindi Songs Playlist With Clean Lyrics
Popular English Songs Playlist With Clean Lyrics

  • Cool Down Songs– Such music is typically used at the end of a class. It is used to bring a class to a conclusion by slowing the pace of the class down and doing a few stretches. This is the perfect way to end the class as it provides the correct mental stimulation as well as slows down the student’s heart rate which would’ve been high due to a high activity level during the class.

Example:- Cool Down Song For Kindergarten

In creating a perfect flow for dance classes, dance teachers can achieve maximum engagement from their students. When all the types of music are used, all aspects of learning can be covered and the maximum benefit will be reaped.

So for all the dance teachers out there, do try our secret ingredient, and if you feel like we missed something, let us know in the comments below!

By swarapatel

Program Director at Agile Kids.
Co-Founder Rhythmus HappyFeet, Bombay Ballet Company, Bloomville Early Learning Centre.
Head of Orchids International Schools Performing Art Division from 2017 - 19 with 35 schools under her purview.
MBA, Dance educationalist, Member of the International Dance Council, Dance Therapist certified BY CDI France and CMTAI, Kinesthetic Teaching Expert & a performing artist.
Trained at Danceworx in Jazz and Ballet.
Was an official contestant in DID super mom (A reality dance show on ZeeTV)

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